I currently work at Apple as a Product Design Engineer. I help design iPads. 

Prior to Apple, I worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), as a Mechanical Engineer in the packaging engineering division. As a section, the electronic packaging group is involved in every JPL mission - anything that has electronics and goes into space, would go through us first. 


My work included creating and designing mechanical fixtures to house electronics. I was also involved in providing mechanical support for qualification testing - thermal vacuum, antenna mapping, shock, and vibration of flight hardware. All of this involved creating CAD models and assemblies with accompanying technical drawings. I was then responsible for overseeing fabrication, as well as assuring that target deadlines are met. I also supported in-lab assembly of my designs to assure my intended form and function was met.

During my undergrad at USC, I worked as a Student Researcher at USC. I helped develop large-scale 3D printing techniques, specifically for use in non-Earth environments (read: the Moon). I used Python to create a live-video feedback loop to determine the cross sectional shape of the extruded 3D printed materials.

See resume (downloadable) below.


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